Your Routine

How to establish a healthy sleep routine

On average we spend 26 years sleeping in our lifetime, it is therefore incredibly important that we prioritise our sleep wellbeing. Not only does a good sleep put you in a great mood it also benefits your immune system and reduces the stress hormone cortisol which improves your mental health and overall well-being. With all this said, it makes the investment in a good bedtime routine all the more important.

Not only is having the perfect bed a huge factor in the quality of your sleep, so is your sleep routine. 

What is a good bedtime routine for adults? 

When we were children our parents made us have a bath and then tucked us into bed way before midnight, so why as adults do we stay up past midnight on our phones and then complain of being tired the next morning? 

It’s important to take care of ourselves and one way to do this is to set a bedtime routine. Not only will a good bedtime routine make us have better sleep but it will also improve your mood throughout the day and aid productivity.

5 ways in which you can improve your bedtime routine:

  1. Set a bedtime to make sure you have at least 7 hours of sleep 
  2. Avoid caffeine in the late afternoon
  3. Adjust the settings on your electronics to have a blue light filter past 10 PM
  4. Practice meditation and mindfulness
  5. Take a warm bath (you can add lavender oils to aid relaxation)

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