Magical Sleep

Magical Sleep

Something we all do…sleep. 


Sleep is one of the necessities in life we all share, along with food and water – Sleep aids to living, and without it, survival would simply not be possible. 


We spend at least 8 hours of our day tucked up in bed, in an unconscious state, so how do we make those 8 hours as magical as possible? 




Have you ever had an amazingly realistic dream that you simply don’t want to slip out of? Then don’t. Keeping a dream journal is a fantastic way to track those positive dreams and thoughts and hone into them the next time you slip away to sleep in your bed. The second you wake up from a magically fantastical dream, have a notepad ready at your bedside to immediately jot those thoughts, feelings and emotions down, taking note of the specific details like: 







-Rooms or places


-Magical influences





Ask yourself, do you currently have a pre-sleep ritual? If no, why not? To get the best out of your 8 hours of pure relaxation a pre-sleep ritual is a great way to bookend your days with magic, whether that be positive affirmations before bed, a skincare routine, a pre-sleep yoga session, or calling on ancestors, tap into the magic by creating your own perfect pre-sleep ritual with something that resonates with you and relaxes your inner core. 


To create a sleep ritual, here are some suggestions: 


-Firstly, create a space that is warm, soft and comforting. This can be different for each individual based on their likes and dislikes, set the mood with colour magic, sound waves etc and make sure it’s a space you won’t be disturbed in or incur any distractions. 


-Set the mood – create an air spritz before bed, something that is aimed at reducing stress and anxiety, like jasmine, lavender, or just your favourite scent. 


-Bathe, stretch or dance for a few minutes, make your body feel relaxed, loose and soft and ready for sleep – taking this time out purely for yourself just for a couple of minutes a day will really help you focus on your magical nights sleep ahead. 


-Pamper yourself. Looking after number one is a brilliant way to end the day – you probably spent 95% of your day thinking about others, working hard for others, cooking dinner for the family, or doing your general chores – you should end the day with pure “me time”, clear your mind and pamper yourself, whether that be a skincare routine, winding down with a glass of wine (even on a school night), or watching your favourite Netflix show for half an hour – taking time for purely yourself is essential to finishing your day with a magical night of sleep.

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