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We all need our beauty sleep, and the quality of our sleep is greatly influenced by the quality of our bed and mattress. Whether you like a firm or soft mattress, a memory foam or a pocket sprung mattress, an Ottoman or divan bed frame, our buying guide is on hand to give you the information you need to make a good choice for your body shape and sleeping style.

Most people spend one-third of their lives in bed. Some sleep eight hours a day and some also exceed that and you know that’s undeniable, especially on weekends when you don’t have to get up so early. We consume most of our time in bed and we also do a lot of things in it such as sleeping and playing with our kids or just watching TV. We should also care about our beds because a good night’s sleep ensures a good day ahead.

Generally speaking, buying a new bed or mattress is an investment. Why? Because the tendency is that you will use it for the next ten years or your life.

Have you been having difficulty sleeping in the past few days or having backache and stiff neck when you wake up in the morning? Maybe it’s not about your body but about where your body’s lying at. These irregularities in your sleeping pattern may tell you that you already need to buy a new bed or mattress. But what are the things that we need to consider in buying a new bed?

From the firmness to the size, as well as the material your bed/mattress is made from, there are lots of features to take into account when it comes to finding the perfect bed/mattress for a comfortable night of rest. There's no exact time frame for when a mattress should be replaced, but there are some clear signs to let you know that yours is past its best. If you are waking up tired, sore, or have taken to sleeping elsewhere in the house then it is probably time you looked for a new bed or mattress.

Comfort Above All

This is the most important thing when you’re thinking of buying a new bed or mattress. If the mattress is not comfortable enough, it won’t be as inviting as you thought of it and will not enjoy sleeping on it. Basically, you need to sit in the bed for a couple of seconds and check if you feel cosy with it or not.

As stated above, buying a bed or mattress is an investment because you’re using it for the next ten years. You need to answer these questions before purchasing one:

  • How does it feel?

  • Is it soft enough to give you ease or firm enough to give aid?

  • Does it seem to observe your body’s shape?

Choosing The Correct Mattress

This is the centre of your money when you’re buying a bed. You need to remember that a bed consists of a mattress and a bed frame. Choosing the right type of mattress will surely improve your sleeping time. Well, that actually depends on you if you like your mattress to be very soft, firm, or just right. Some people sleep on their tummy. You might want to consider a soft mattress for that. Those who sleep on their back, a firm mattress may be beneficial for you, or if you sleep on your side you may want a medium mattress. Don’t be afraid to test the mattresses when you visit our shop. If you are a couple, it’s good if you shop together with your partner to get an idea of what's comfortable for the both of you.

If you have a partner it is a recommended rule of the bedroom to buy a king size mattress if it can fit into your room, so you and your sleeping buddy can move freely without interrupting each other’s sleep. Take note, you should not only consider the width of the bed but the length as well. As interior designers’ advice, it should be ten to fifteen centimetres more than the height of the tallest sleeper.

You might want a king-sized bed but it might not fit the size of your room, be sure to measure up before considering what to buy, ensure that the mattress will not only fit your room but can be carried through your house and upstairs safely without having to squeeze it and risking possible damage. Never forget to leave a space for your closet, to open the door and space for you to move freely in your room. This might be obvious to some but this is a pretty common mistake especially for newlyweds to make.


Mattresses have become so technological – some are even based on research from the US space agency NASA – that they now sometimes go by the name 'sleep systems'.

The consensus is that a cheap mattress is indeed a false economy – spending, say, less than £200 is almost certainly not going to ensure a good night's sleep unless you are very young, very light and frequently sleeping somewhere else.

Cheap mattresses also need replacing more often, perhaps as frequently as every two years. Spend a bit extra, say, more than £800, and you should not need to change the mattresses for 10 years, or, in the most luxurious pocket spring cases, spend over £1500 and the mattress could last up to 25 years.

Spend as much as you can afford. The minimum should be about £700 on the mattress and bed base combined. It seems absurd that people will spend £3,000 or £4,000 on a sofa which they sit on for an hour or two some evenings, and much less than £1,000 on a bed where they will spend a crucial eight hours every night. Prioritise your sleep as it is an essential part of living a wholesome life. Once you have fixed the budget, the next priority is looking for the right kind of support.

People often ask for orthopaedic mattresses, but all that means is a hard one. Very few people actually need a hard mattress unless they have back pains or medical conditional related to spinal injuries. For most other people, they will simply be uncomfortable, particularly for lighter women, creating shoulder pain and pins and needles sensations. Indeed, your body weight will largely dictate the sort of tension you require – the softer ones are better for an eight-stone woman, a firmer mattress will benefit a 16-stone rugby player type. With sprung mattresses, the firmness is largely dictated by the number of springs. High-quality mattresses such as our VICTORIA 6000 model, will often have soft cotton and lamb's wool to enhance the springs; we offer a comfort promise – try the mattress in our showroom, if need be, we can alter the tension to a softer or harder one to meet your requirements.

Also, when looking at new mattresses, remember that quilted ones tend to be of lower quality. Tufted ones, which look like they have buttons going through them, are better as this means the filling is contained to avoid it moving around. Good stitching around the sides indicates that the springs are contained in pockets, which will be much more effective than open-coil spring mattresses.

But always remember to lie down on a mattress in the showroom and ask for professional advice. Choosing a new mattress is a very important decision indeed. Make sure the bed base is suitable for your mattress. A poor base will make even the most expensive mattress uncomfortable. Divan or upholstered ones are best for spring mattresses as the springs in both components complement each other.

To gauge the right tension for you, lie on the mattress in the showroom, and push your hand under the small of your back. If there is a large gap, the mattress is too soft, no gap at all, then it's too firm. Just being able to pass your hand through suggests that the tension is spot on.

Find out more about how a good mattress supports correct posture, and discover the unique spring systems present in our collection, which will help give you a great night's sleep. Read on for further information on the types of beds and mattresses available at The Chelsea Bed Co.


Pocket springs are the foundation of high-quality mattresses and are a fundamental component that any mattress buyer should fully understand. Pocket springs are normally concealed in layers consisting of plush padding, housed in separate fabric pockets. These springs are vertically positioned and distributed throughout the inside of the mattress, pushing against the sleeper’s body weight. Each spring will support your body on its own and won’t transfer it to another part of the bed. These mattresses are supportive, often covered with luxurious material, thereby giving it an affluent stylish look. Its cushioning effect provides great level of comfort that will help you relax. Now you can be sure of having a sound sleep and wake up the next sunrise completely refreshed.

A pocket spring mattress has springs that work independently, and provide support and cushioning to both you and your partner, whilst preventing you from rolling together and disturbing your sleep. There are many companies manufacturing these spring mattresses in huge numbers, since it has become the preferred choice among consumers. You can browse through a list of these mattresses in all shapes, colours and sizes on our website.

Pocket sprung mattresses can also now be found widely with Memory Foam fillings rather than the traditional cotton, wool, polyester or other fibrous substitutes. Commonly the fibrous filling above the spring will flatten and wear out before the springs themselves and you will start to feel the springs poking through. With a memory foam filling this will not happen, as it will be one single piece, with most memory foam proven to recover even after 10 years worth of use. This is a Hybrid of the two most beneficial and popular mattress types. The two work extremely well together, complimenting each other's characteristics. Whilst the pocket springs move to the contours of your body, the memory foam works with it to both support you in a perfectly natural position, as well as relieving your pressure points allowing you to reach a much deeper sleep pattern from a more restful night's sleep.

Browse through our extensive range of products for more details and decide on the brand you wish to choose. Wait no more, start looking for pocket spring mattresses and get one for yourself today.


Latex mattresses are becoming increasingly popular worldwide. Latex is a natural material that comes from the sap of the rubber tree (Hevea brasiliensis) and possesses elasticity. It is this elasticity which allows the mattress to conform pleasantly to your body shape. Those who have slept on a latex mattress report that it feels wonderfully soft at first touch, but 'firms up' as your body settles deeper, giving your body full support. It is no surprise then that many people with musculoskeletal ailments such as back pain find relief with a latex mattresses.

The first of these benefits is its unique balance of soft comfort with proper support for your spine. A latex mattress is naturally resistant to dust mites, mould and bacteria without the use of added chemicals, and this benefit appeals to many people.

The natural open-cell structure of latex provides excellent air circulation, this is further enhanced by pinhole patterns purposefully created during manufacturing. This allows for a mattress with good breathability, resulting in comfortable sleeping temperatures.

An additional benefit of a latex mattress is the no motion transfer property which means that it does not transmit movement easily, so if you sleep with a partner, you won't feel their movements on your side of the bed. Superb body pressure distribution properties also means that latex mattresses are frequently recommended by medical professionals such as chiropractors, physiotherapists and osteopaths.

Last but not least, latex is an environmentally friendly option and a healthy choice for the eco-conscious consumer, they are one of the most highly durable mattress types available. If you are going to be purchasing a mattress, it makes financial sense to purchase a very long-lasting one. Our latex mattresses are made to the highest standards and with proper care and maintenance should last over 10 years.

Take a look at the list below to see whether a LATEX mattress might be a good choice for you:

  • Do you experience back and/or joint pain?

  • Do you have issues with pressure points/pressure sores?

  • Do you toss and turn a lot at night?

  • Do you find coil-spring and pillowtop mattresses uncomfortable?

  • Do your partner’s movements wake you at night?

If your answer is YES to any of the above then you may benefit from buying one of our pocket sprung LATEX mattresses.


Ottoman beds are a stylish but practical alternative to traditional divan beds and frames. If you have limited room for bedroom furniture and storage is restricted you may want to consider buying an Ottoman bed frame. Ottoman beds are a great choice if you need more storage because they come with a very reliable hydraulic gas lift system. You can easily access the storage area by raising the platform base of the ottoman bed. Lifting the platform is achieved without any effort thanks to the action of hydraulic gas lifts that are connected to either the side or head end of the base making the storage space easily accessible.

An ottoman bed offers the majority of its interior space for storage. A double ottoman bed which is 135cm wide and 190cm long will then allow you to use roughly the same surface for storing bed linen and personal objects. You can also choose a compartmented storage area if needed for a better organisation.

We at specialise in upholstered ottoman bed frames as these provide a more contemporary feel. Dark faux leather fabrics give a sense of sleekness, whereas lighter colours such as white or cream allow natural light to be reflected much more efficiently, giving a sense of space. Fabric choices give a softer and more welcoming message, which can easily be accentuated by soft furnishings and complimentary drapes.

Think about your existing bedroom decor or perhaps the look you are aiming for, if renovating the whole room. The whole point of ottoman beds is that they offer the same degree of style that traditional bed frames are capable of, coupled with their unmatched degree of storage capability.

Furthermore our ottoman beds comes in the divan style set up, these include the solid fabric bases that divan beds have. This can be an ideal solution if space is limited. This is because divan bases sit flush with the mattress along the edges and no extra space needs to be taken into account on the length and width to ensure a decent fit.

Ottoman beds are available in a wide choice of different styles, materials and sizes so that you can rest assured you will find the design that best suits your needs and preferences, offers a wide selection of storage ottoman beds. Head over to our Ottoman bed frames section to see our full range of products.

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